Solar Geyser

Solar Geyser Installation

New 110mm Pipe work

New 110mm Piping and conversion from PVC to Ceramic Pipe

Backfall line

We used the camera to inspect the waste line, only to discover that the line had a back-fall, which was resulting in continuous blockages. We then dug around the pipe to expose it, and  give it the correct fall.

Underground rainwater tanks

We installed these two 10 000l rain water tanks in the ground, so that all the outside floor drains as well as gutter pipes  flow into them, resulting in a great amount of water capture. The client then pumped water through filters and ran it back into his house.

Pressure Pump

Pressure Pump with Pressure tank and UV light (To kill Bacteria) boosting the clients water pressure from his Jojo tanks and running into his house.

Burst cast iron pipe

Burst Cast Iron Pipe. Once the  burst pipe was repaired. We were then told by owner that three other plumbing companies had attempted to fix, but we unsuccessful.